Community and Families Adventure Playground

Adventure Play

It all started with the adventure playground at Somerville. This is a unique resource in inner London – the only one of its kind. The playground is open all year round with a wide range of activities for children and young people.

The emphasis is on children and young people being given the opportunity to choose which activities to engage with, giving them a sense of responsibility for their play and pride in their space.

The playground is designed for children of all ages from small swings to some real belly-churning slides. Have a go on the bouncy platform built on springs or clamber across the climbing nets. After playing spend some time hanging out with friends in the outdoor chill spot.

The playground is open: 

Term Time

Age 5-10 years3.30pm-7.30 pm3.30pm-7.30pm3.30pm-7.30pm3.30pm-7.30pm3.30pm-7.30pm12.00pm-5.00pmCLOSED
Age 11-15 years3:30pm-7:30pm3:30pm-9pm3:30pm-9pm3:30pm-9pm3:30pm-9pm12-5pm & 5:30pm-9pmCLOSED
Age 16-19 years7:30pm-9pm7:30pm-9pmCLOSED7:30pm-9pm7:30pm-9pm5:30pm-9pmCLOSED

Holiday Times

Age 5-10 years10:30am-6:30pm10:30am-6:30pm10:30am-6:30pm10:30am-6:30pm10:30am-6:30pmCLOSEDCLOSED
Age 11 - 15 years1:30pm-6:30pm1:30pm-6:30pm1:30pm-6:30pm1:30pm-9pm1:30pm-9pm6pm-9pmCLOSED
Age 16-19 yearsCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED6:30pm:9pm6:30pm-9pm6pm-9pmCLOSED

You can hire the playground for parties and events. Find out more

The boys love coming here to play, I am always made welcome, the staff are friendly and approachable.” Miss Murray (Local Visitor)