Anti Knife Crime Project Who We Are

Anti Knife Crime Project Video

Young people took part in this video to support gofilm it and Somerville youth in raising awareness around youth support, and knife crime. A project developed and devised by filmmaker Cassius Rayner to create positive video content for the continued work in supporting young people and youth workers combat the issues in knife crime. 

Who We Are


The Somerville was founded by local community worker Ron Martin in 1971. He believed that adventure playgrounds were a much-needed resource for children growing up in inner cities and worked tirelessly throughout his life to make the site accessible to kids. Ron was a volunteer at a play scheme run from St Catherine’s Church on […]

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Who We Are

The Somerville was first opened in 1971. Our commitment to providing a happy, safe and stimulating environment for all members of the Lewisham and Southwark community hasn’t changed since then. Find out about our history and read our mission statement. Our youth and play provision covers our unique adventure playground plus a programme of educational […]

Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

The Somerville  is a space for children and young people to play and learn freely and to develop responsibility for themselves and their actions. We offer a variety of high quality, stimulating and challenging informal educational activities. Through these we encourage children and young people to become competent, confident, independent and cooperative individuals and steer […]