Adventure Playground

Outdoor Area

Our outdoor area is now open at Somerville, there is a mixture of old and new structures for you all to enjoy. We are awaiting our big border swing and tyre swings to be fixed and there are also some real belly churning slides that are still yet to be opened and guaranteed to give you butterflies in the belly but these should be ready to open before the summer holidays. For now, take a look at some of the outdoor area in the below pictures to get some idea of what the adventure playground has to offer

Our new bouncy Platform built around a tree. The platform is built on springs and it literally bounces and shakes when you jump up and down. Small swings for the smaller children but bigger kids can have a go if you can stay on. Jumping and front flips from the platforms onto the mattress for any budding future gymnasts and stunt people to practice on if u dare.

Climbing nets to clamber and climb across or maybe just relax back and chill out with friends. Outdoor chill spot, eat some food, play table top games or have a chat with friends. Indoors, you can play pool, table tennis, do arts and craft and cooking.