The Team


Bradley Cummings

Your Skills/Experience: 

I grew up in the local area as a young child and spent most of my evenings and weekends attending the adventure playground. I initially became involved with Somerville again in my adult life as a volunteer almost 14 years ago as I wanted to give something back to my local community.

I then applied for a youth work position 2 years after and studied to become a qualified youth and play worker.I later went on to undertake a management and leadership qualification at Masters level.

Why I like to work for SYPP:

The Somerville has always been a special place in my heart, it was where I gained vital life skills, had opportunities to explore the outdoor environment through the various residentials, trips and the day to day activities I got involved in on site. 

Iā€™m extremely pleased to be able to bring what I have learnt to support the children and young people that use The Somerville and am passionate about supporting them through removing barriers and providing opportunities for them to reach their full potentials.