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‘In Your Area!’

Come and visit us on 18th Sep for our open day event ‘In Your Area.’ Everybody is welcome!

There will be a host of activities and free food for young people 8 – 19 years old from 1pm, while it lasts.

What to bring on the day?

  • Bring you roller skates to join roller classes with Storm Skater!
  • Bring your bike for a bike maintenance session with Dr. Bike!
  • Bring some clothing join our clothing customisation workshop!
In Your Area Open Day 1

Our Full Line Up:

Full Line Up

Also present ‘In Your Area’, our line up:

In Your Area Open Day 5
Outside activities

Storm Skater Quad roller classes and vibes

Mac Impact Bike Stormz community leader

Jump LDN Double Dutch jump ropes

In Your Area Open Day 4
Music all day

DJ Zel Our extraordinary DJ

DJ Supreme Our resident, bringing Powerbikes and DJ skills ‘In Your Area’

Dr Bike Our bicycle doctor, learn to make simple repairs

Pedal Me Bike taxi

In Your Area Open Day 3
Art & Crafts

Ryan Hawaii Clothing customisation workshop

Watusi87 Music Improv, binghi drumming & lyric-writing

Daryl 3000 Our own Senior Youth Support Worker

Honey Pot catering

For further information please call our office number 020 732 1403 (press1) or send us an email