Outreach at The Somerville

Detached Youth Work


Enable, Empower, and Achieve

The detached team undertake an extensive level of outreach to children and young people in known ‘hotspots’ across Southwark and Lewisham boroughs i.e. parks, housing estates and shopping centres, providing ‘pop-up’ activities such as sports, music and arts etc, in order to build relationships and signpost young people towards local youth clubs and community activities and events.

The team draw on these relationships to run gang and knife crime awareness workshops in different youth settings, including practical first aid sessions for dealing with stab wounds, interactive conflict resolution workshops and personal goal setting.

The most disengaged young people are taken on residential trips for a more targeted intervention.

Our overall aim is to deter young people from crime/antisocial behaviour, enabling them to learn new skills, understand their own capabilities and empower them to make well-informed choices.

Somerville Detached Team will:

  • Advocate young people’s engagement in positive activities
  • Signpost young people towards local youth clubs and other service providers
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Build awareness of issues relating to gang and knife crime
  • Reduce or prevent territorial tensions between children and young people.
  • Reduce antisocial behaviour on various estates and other ‘hotspots’
  • Provide a range of pop-up activities: sports, dance, music, arts, reading and homework club etc
  • Share information on services available to children and young people
  • Provide workshops on Issues relating to gang and knife crime including:
  • Consequences of being involved with gangs
  • Building relationships between areas of Southwark
  • Consequences of knife crime
  • Targeted residential WORD MISSING
  • Mentoring young people and provide any other required support

Contact Delroy Salmon for more information:
By phone: 0207 732 1403
By email: Detached.Southwark@sypp.org.uk